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Pqi USB OTG Micro - Panda 8GB (D)

  • Item No. : Connect 304/T005V
  • Brand: Pqi
  • Rp 196,000
  • #NEW
Product Detail
Pqi USB OTG Micro - Panda 8GB (D)

PQI Energetic Panda is a dual connector storage device equipped with both a micro USB and standard USB interface. Simply plug the micro USB connector into your smartphone or tablet's micro USB slot to transfer documents, photos, videos, and music to your PQI Energetic Panda. The device can sync with Facebook, solving the problem of limited, non-expandable storage space on smartphones and tablets. The standard USB connector on the other end can be used to freely access files just like any other USB thumb drive. Through the micro USB connector, music, video, and files on the device may be directly transferred to a smartphone or tablet. Multiple files may be copied at once, saving you waiting time. With the included strap, you can easily turn it into a dust cover for your phone's headphone port. Convenient, practical, and functional—this is an industry-leading mobile peripheral! 

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