Innergie Power Gear USB-C 45 - White (D)

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  • Brand: Innergie
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Product Detail
Innergie Power Gear USB-C 45 - White (D)

PowerGear USB-C 45

45watt USBC Laptop Adapter

  •  USB-C reversible plug connector
  •  Compatible with latest Apple MacBook
  •  Built-in InnerShield™ power protection
  •  The world's first USB-C adapter with 4 DC output voltages

    Compact Design

    The PowerGear USB-C 45 is not only small in size, but it offers design touches—such as cable-wrapping features and a cable that's connected flat against the adapter body.



    Fumble-free Reversible Plug

    The PowerGear USB-C 45's reversible plug can be inserted in either orientation, so there's no more squinting to check whether the plug is right side up.

    First in Flexibility


    The PowerGear USB-C 45 can work with a wide range of laptops as it provides four such power levels—20V/2.25A, 15V/3A, 12V/3A, and 5V/3A—making it the most flexible USB-C laptop adapter and the market's top choice.

    Elegant Cabling


    The PowerGear USB-C 45's cable attaches flush with the adapter body for a neater appearance, while the cable itself is made of advanced materials for easy wrapping without loosening and includes a handy clip to keep it in place.

    Beautifully Styled


    Not only a convenient power solution for laptops with a USB-C connector, the PowerGear USB-C 45 is crafted to create a visual aesthetic that's just as pleasing as its utility.

    Long Reach

    A 1.5-meter cable provides plenty of length for the type of locations where you're likely to want to plug in a laptop. That includes stand-up desks and other places where a power socket may not be within easy reach.



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