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iLuv Privacy Film 2 way for iPhone 6 (D)

  • Item No. : AI6PRIF2
  • Brand: iLuv
  • Rp 189,000
Product Detail
iLuv Privacy Film 2 way for iPhone 6 (D)

Kit for thin privacy film features five layer construction for maximum screen protection for iPhone 6s/6

Protect your privacy with a privacy film that goes over the screen of your iPhone 6s/6 and prevents people from seeing your phone interactions. This privacy film provides a higher level of screen clarity compared to other films so you can see everything on your phone clearly. It works with the 3D Touch pressure-sensing feature of iPhone 6s. Kit includes one film, a squeegee and a cleaning cloth.
180° Privacy
Keep leering eyes from the screen of your iPhone 6s/6 with this privacy film. Simply place the film over your screen for 180° privacy. While you can still see the contents of your screen, people around you will only see a darkened screen. This is ideal for preventing strangers from seeing your passwords, financial data and other sensitive or personal information.
Five-Layer Construction
Despite its thin profile, the privacy film is created from five layers of material: a PE protection film, a hard coating treatment, a micro louver film, a silicone polymer adhesive and a PET protection film. This construction makes the film durable and resistant to scratches and cracks.
Screen Protection
The privacy film’s tough five-layer construction protects your iPhone 6s/6 from scratches and cracks. Take your phone with you wherever you go without worrying about damaging the screen.
-Privacy screen film offers 180° privacy
-View the contents of your screen clearly while others only see a darkened screen
-Works with the 3D Touch pressure-sensing feature of iPhone 6s 
-Protect your screen from scratches and cracks
-Higher level of screen clarity for users compared to other privacy films
What is included
1 film, 1 squeegee, 1 cleaning cloth
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 

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